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Friday, June 10, 2011

10 things to consider when mowing the lawn

Mowing the lawn is one of those task we all enjoy when it is done.  The smell of fresh cut grass is a great part of summer months.  I put together a list of items I often need to remind my kids of when it is their turn to mow the lawn.
1.       I know the lawn mower has a mulching setting, however it does not work on paper or soda cans.
2.       Purposefully running over baseballs to see if you can hit your brother with them is a bad idea.
3.       The lawn mower is absolutely capable of getting closer than 24 inches from the fence.
4.       Using a lawn mower is not an acceptable way to weed the garden.
5.       Hiding the gas can is only a temporary solution, it will be found and you will get in trouble for not looking harder.
6.       Chasing the chickens with a lawn mower is bad.
7.       Using the self propelled option is not a requirement when you have a 5 by 5 section to complete.
8.       Using the weed eater to edge the yard is considered part of mowing the lawn it is not a separate task.
9.       When you parent pays you to mow the lawn it is more of a gift.  You would have to do it even if we don’t pay you.
10.   If you don’t want to rake or bag the grass then you should not have waited two weeks to mow the lawn.
Bonus Item:  Dads turn to mow the lawn ended when I had kids.  And yes I have mowed more grass than you thanks for asking.

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  1. Dad's turn to mow the grass returns when his kids grow up and move away. You have still mowed more lawn than I have, thanks for doing.


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