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The Fam
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Friday, June 3, 2011

Losing your teeth is hard at times

My youngest daughter Payton lost like 4 teeth in the past 4 of weeks and I have to say she is a really good sport about it. She went from having a lovely young lady smile to a hillbilly grin almost overnight.
Here she is with all of her teeth.  The two on the bottom in the middle are permanent teeth that came in last year.

Ok here she is smiling with only one tooth missing in the bottom right side of her mouth but her two top teeth clearly loose and moving around.

Here she is with Lea a friend from church.  It looks like this tooth loosing thing is contagious and she caught it from Lea.  I think I am going to have to question future play dates.

The hight of her hillbillyness.  Teeth are falling all over the place.

Now she is rapidly moving into the old man "where did I put my teeth phase".  I keep telling her it would be cool if if she could lose 2 more on the top then she would have the record for the most teeth out at one time in the family. Her sister Regann had 6 pulled at once by the dentist years ago.  All she says back to me is "MOM, Dad ith stiwl teathing me about woosing all my teef.   Kids these day say the craziest things.

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