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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Memory Monday...Haircuts

Gina , Dedra and I have all got together and decided to make Haircuts our topic for today.  If you have been invited to their private blogs you can read their versions.   

When I was a kid my Mom would cut my hair.  Whenever I asked for her to change it she said that my hair could only be cut 1 way.  I accepted this at the time not knowing how wrong it was.  As I grew older I used to give her a hard time that she only knew how to cut it 1 way…the way she wanted it.  So when I turned 16 and got my first job I did 2 things with my first paycheck I bought a Swatch Watch and paid to get my hair cut.  That was last time my Mother ever cut my hair.  But up to that point of time and even beyond there were a few “interesting cuts”

In the 3rd grade I wanted to see if my mom would notice if I cut my own hair.  Not all of it just a 1 inch square in the center of my bangs.  It took her about 20 minutes and to my surprise she did notice.  Here is a photo of that adventure.

In the 8th grade my hair was getting really long and I kept bugging Mom to cut it.  I think more out of frustration Dad said I will cut your hair.  I thought he would use the clippers and medium gaurd, it will be short and finally gone… I was partially correct.  He took me out to the driveway sat me in a chair started to cut.  He used the shavers with the guard but at some point of time opted not to use  the guard and free handed it.  I looked like a retarded Marine with a blind barber for the next few weeks until it grew out.  A couple of years later, following my Fathers example I saved my parents some time and cut my brothers hair.  They looked “Real Nice”  (imagine Cousin Edie from Christmas Vacations saying “Real Nice”)

My sisters paraded a variety of perms, hair straitening treatments  and a rainbow of colors through our house over the years.  Most of them were harmless and short of the house smelling like perm solution for the afternoon none eventful.  I do remember something about Heather cutting Dedra's hair and there being somewhat of a ruckus over that.  The details escape me. 

While I was on my mission Heather went to the mall and paid $40.00 for them to take a picture of here, remove her hair and put different hairstyles on her head so she could see what looked best.  They settled in a on a haircut that looked exactly like the one she normally wears.  So she paid $40.00 for a simple snap shot of herself with crooked hair.

The summer after my sophomore year in high school I thought I would try life as a blonde.  I purchased 2 bottles of sun in and learned what roots look like and that life is not more fun it you are blonde especially a with 2 toned hair.

I had no idea how to style my hair so it looks a lot like Jim Carry in Dumb and Dumber until I turned 16 and went to a stylist and he taught me how to fix it. 

We are not even going to comment on the teeth

There was a mullet phase in there, and darn it I could not find any photos.  I chose to have a mullet and I looked good.  Wendi, Heather and Dedra did not choose to go through their mullet phase, Mom decided for them.  I think it was because their hair could only get cut one way.  You can kind of see it in this photo. 

The real shock is my Mom went to beauty School and was licensed to cut hair.  I am confident this photo never made it into her portfolio. 

After the mullet years I went through a period of various styles and settled in on one that works and have basically kept it for the last 21 years.   

1989 or 1990 we can see some improvement over the bowl cut.

This was taken at a laudrymat in Rexburg Idaho the month before I left on my mission so April 1991 and I still have the same haircut now.  Dedra as we can see also moved out of her mullet phase.

Being the poor college students and looking for ways to save $15.00 every couple of weeks, cutting our own hair seemed like a good way to do it.  It was my wifes idea and took her the better part of 2 years to convince me.  (I was having regular flash backs to the bowl cuts of my youth) Then we started a roller coaster ride of Bad, good, really bad, really really bad, good, Ok, good, not so bad and eventually consistently good haircuts.  She now cuts my hair every month and I am totally happy having her do it.  But oddly enough she can only cut it 1 way.


  1. LOVE the pictures! If any of your friends want invited to my blog, and they see this, they can send me a request at my front door.

    ps, my blog is better than yours. okay it's not.

    pps, this is Dedra. I hacked Gina's blog. heh heh.

    send her a request at I'll let you in..if you're not a psycho.

  2. Thank you for My Monday Morning Funny...Made me laugh!!!!....:) Your Mother permed my hair quite a few times as well I looked fabulous with my red hair short and permed...looked like I had a basketball on my head...but the pik was fun to use seeing how large the basketball would grow! Thanks for the memories..and I do remember your 3rd grade hair cut!!!..:) She probably threatened to "Beat your Butt"...ha ha ha

  3. I don't remember mom ever saying 'Beat your Butt' but I do remember 'Kick your A.." Same thing right?

    Ryan, I think Payton's hillbilly smile is heritary...from YOU!

  4. In my defense, that "roller coaster" was more like a kiddy carnival ride. I'll admit two or three times it was pretty embarrassing to be seen with you in public after a bad haircut by yours truly, but you exaggerate My Love. :) And yes, I can only cut it one way.


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