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The Fam
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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Good Idea / Bad Idea when doing the laundry

Good Idea: Starting a load of laundry
Bad idea: Forgetting about the load of laundry until it mildews and smells bad in the washing machine

Good Idea: Rewashing the stinky laundry
Bad Idea: just tossing it into the dryer thinking a bounce sheet will cover the smell

Good Idea: Rewashing the now dry bounce smelling stinky laundry
Bad Idea: Just dumping it into the pile of clean clothes thinking no one will notice

Good Idea Bad Idea: Come clean about the mistake you made with the laundry
Bad idea Great idea: Have the kids help with the laundry so you can blame them

Good Idea: Using soap when washing dirty clothes
Bad idea: using dish soap instead of laundry soap…one word bubbles

Good Idea: having the kids take care of putting away their own laundry
Bad idea: Having the take clean clothes into a dirty room.  There always seems to be folded clothes in the dirty clothes hamper when that happens

Good Idea: Ironing your dress shirts
Bad idea: Commenting how nice my dress shirts look now, way better than last week…come to find out the wife ironed them last week, her mom did them this week.

Good Idea: Washing your dirty jeans
Bad idea: forgetting to take the $20.00 out of your jeans and not writing down the serial number because your Dad won’t give it back unless you do…Bummer for the kid.

1 comment:

  1. Yes and after I left the money in my pocket you put it in yours and then lost it!


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