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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Why cats are a waste of skin

This post is a nod to my sister Dedra.  She did a similar post on her blog a while back and actually changed her name on face book to Dedra Ihatecats Cheney.  I was not always so adamantly apposed to the 4 legged furry beasts.  When I was 3 years old some friends of my Mom surprised us with a pet cat.  We named it mittens and had a pet kitty for 2 weeks.  I new my mom did not like it especially when it pooped in the clean laundry.  We went to the baby sitter and when we came home our precious mittens was gone and the living room window was wide open.  She had run away or so I thought.  It was not until 30 years later my Mom came clean and told us she sent her to the pound.  However in that time she successfully turned us against the feline persuasion.  Now as an educated well informed adult I have to agree cats suck.  I have many thoughts on this I would like to share.  I am not the only one who feels so strongly it took me all of 3 minutes online to find a large group of people who have similar feelings.

  • Cats don't have owners they have servants

  • Any animal that will lick its own junk and then cough up a fir ball is just wrong

  • From Personal experience on my mission they have small bones that are hard to eat around and taste a lot like gamey dog.

  • They kill people.

  • To be fair I don't like dogs much either but I will tolerate them on occasion if it is outside, they are chained up and I am not tripping over the little ankle biters.  Ok I hate dogs too, but I can understand their appeal.

  • What other animal is so closely associated with witches and bad luck?

In order to be completely fair I have heard that cats are great fun to play games with.

They are the topic of great literature

I mean they are even mentioned in the bible

I personally think chickens are the perfect pet.  You keep them outside and in a cage you rarely have to clean.  They give you eggs and people don't think your sick when you eat one of them.  And if they happen to die you don't care because you have others that look exactly the same. 


  1. you are fired. AND shunned. :) Sincerely, Kate ilikecats Johnson

  2. Very funny dad! Quite interesting at how Noah hates cats as much as you do. You should post something about rabbits and their ability to go from two to two thousand in a matter of weeks.


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