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Monday, June 6, 2011

Memory Monday favorite videos people have sent me

I have friends and family that spend a lot more time surfing the web than I do.  They send me some pretty funny albeit at times really wierd videos.  So I am going to give you a top 5 count down of the videos people have sent me that I laugh or cried or just could not take my eyes off of just out of shear curiosity and being simply dumbfounded that somebody actually took the time to create this.

#5 Llamas with Hats

Kelsy Brown was at my house for BYC and she told me about Llama with hats.  If you like homicidal Llamas that have a distorted view of the world then this video is for you.  We have morphed "Carl" into our word to say to one another when you are not being as nice as you should be.  

#4 Charlie the Unicorn:

My sisters told me about Charlie the Unicorn and much life Napoleon Dynamite it was truly painful to watch but funny as heck to talk about.  Kudos to Dedra and Gina for hooking me up with Charlie (word on the street is that my brother Adam told them about it).  There are three more but they are not as good as the first one.

#3 Il Divo singing Amazing Grace

As we move up the list the quality of the content gets decidedly better (mostly).  My dear wife hooked me up with this video.  I am not sure where she found it but they are incredible.  They normally sing in Italian and all of there stuff is simply amazing.  

#2 Antwerp Flash Mob, Do Re Mi

Some great friends of ours Ben and Lysa Falge showed this video to us.  They were over for dinner one night last year and she said have you seen the sound of music flash mob video.  It is a feel good thing.  We logged in and I could not believe what I was seeing.  It was my first exposure to flash mobs.

#1  Antoine Dodson

OK there are two videos, but you cant watch the second one without the first.  It must have been a really slow news day to let this guy on TV.  Watch the first one which is an actual new report.  The second is where someone set it to music.  My wife showed this one to me and she got it from her nephew.


  1. I love LOVE flash mobs. (I texted dedra and said i loved flash moms.... hmmmmm.. thats blog fodder for another day)

    also, Dedra and I will go to candy mountain some day. It's a fact.

  2. I can't see them videos! I'll look them up on YouTube.

    It is a fact that Kate and I will be going to candy mountain. It is also a fact we will be taking you with us, because we need our kidneys.


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