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The Fam
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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Good Idea / Bad Idea

Good idea:  Take the kids camping and teach them to cook using a dutch oven
Bad Idea:  Using the same Dutch oven that I took camping with the scouts last month that they "forgot" to clean…It still had breakfast in it, gross would be an understatement

Good idea: To clean the Dutch oven before we use
Bad idea:  Asking the wife to clean it for me, that one did not go over so well

Good Idea: Let the kids play outside in our front yard
Bad idea:  Let them play with the landscaping sand and fill up my fountain with sand and rocks

 Good Idea:  Wash our dirty clothes
Bad Idea:  Forgetting to take your money out of your pants…I found $20.00 that Regann is claiming, but she cannot produce a serial number so there is a real question in my mind if it is hers.

Good idea:  Letting the kids wash the car
Bad idea:  Forgetting to check to make sure the sunroof was closed first

Good Idea:  Having the kids help weed the garden
Bad idea:  Not correctly identifying good plants vs the weeds

Good Idea: Laying down gravel outside our fence for a parking spot
Bad Idea: Not laying down enough gravel and having weeds and grass grow in the gravel

Good Idea: turning former parking spot into new part of the lawn…the grass is already there
Bad idea:  People will be parking in your lawn

Good Idea:  Making Party plans with extended family
Bad Idea: Forgetting to tell the wife I planned a party


  1. So when is the party? Do I get presents?

  2. can I email you a serial number????


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