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The Fam
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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Good Idea / Bad Idea when traveling to Dallas

Good Idea: Being in town when the Mavericks win the NBA Championship
Bad Idea: Joking with the Hotel Desk clerk you did not even know football season had started

Good Idea: Taking a picture with Ed "To Tall" Jones
Bad Idea: Mistaking him for Mean Joe Green

Good Idea: Going to a steak house for dinner
Bad Idea: Asking for the vegetarian option

Good Idea:  Bringing workout clothes to go for a run in the evening
Bad Idea: Going for a run in the evenings it is like 103 degrees there

Good Idea: Staying in a hotel with free breakfast
Bad Idea: Sleeping through breakfast

Good Idea:  Going to Dallas and stay in the Gaylord Texan Resort
Bad Idea: Going alone and leaving the wife at home

Good Idea: Asking for chile on your hash browns
Bad Idea: Not knowing before hand they meant chili (beans and meat) not Chile (green  spicy vegetable)

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  1. I never knew you could put chilli on your hashbrowns. Note to Self...


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